Complex writing

Uhm okay writing is quite difficult for me. I am not so sure in what sense does it make difficult. I am probably overwhelmed with the ideas that I have. Words are starting to be more complicated. Maybe I want it to be unique or I want to create impact to everyone.

Grammar is more complex than the basic grammar that I had when I was elementary. There are too much good writers out there and sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough.. Most of the time I think I want to write to impress people. I want to have an output that is very useful to everybody.

There are moments that I want to write something that has to do with metaphorical stuff. I want to use profound ideas and words.. i don’t know… Sometimes I feel writing is a waste of time, energy, laptop’s battery …

This is random writing.. and this is what i have in my thoughts right at this moment…it probably doesn’t make sense to the readers.. doesn’t make sense to me at all..




New life

New life

Blogging in wordpress is new to me, sorry for being so honest =)
This year is new to me too! New work, new friends..
I’m leaving the house that I thought I’m going to own forever.. leaving it for a bigger dream and passion.
Next month “I’LL START OVER” peace and love be with us all..