Pushing people away

When you tell someone “Let’s not talk for now” does that mean pushing them away?

There’s this person, I told her that I am going to stop chatting and talking to her for now because I feel different. I don’t like the feeling. I want space. I’d like to clear my world, my thoughts and figure things out. Our emotions can be very playful.

However, I’m kinda feeling scared.. I know I am going to lose her. Maybe next year if I chat again she wouldn’t respond to me anymore. On the other hand, I think this is good. This will save my ass from attachment and emptiness.

What we have right now is something good, and I am so scared that it’ll reach the climax and end in how i want it to end.

Life can be frustrating sometimes. But you gotta do, what you need to do. You gotta be that smart ass woman in this crowded room. I’m not gonna lower down my walls for now…

I’m gonna miss her so bad.. that’s for sure.. the late night talks, her voice… all of her maybe.. I’m actually starting to miss her now…


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