Standard thoughts…

Recently, I attended a wedding. I was one of the assistant coordinators. I have been doing this part time job, 4 years now. I have loved it. the sight of happy couple, tears from parents, just the ambiance of support and genuine smile from each guests is overwhelming. it’s more than the money from that job.

now, every time I handle this kind of event it always gives me an aftermath of finding a real man. someone who would stand there in the altar, and would tear jerkly wait for me me lol! I know its somehow dramatic, a movie type.

i sometimes ask God, how come these women were able to find great men.. how come i can’t? Is it my standard? Am I supposed to have a standard? Or am I just need to eradicate it..

i always have standard.. my parents told me to always have one. Standards for friends, people I hang out with.. and man that I would love.

The wisdom of the world tells me though that if you love someone, then standard is something that you do not need, because you just have to accept the the way he is.

What do you think? I’m 29 and not yet married. I will never have kids! lol


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