The Fringe Benefit!

Recently, I ranted about losing my job. It was crazy hard, and quite difficult. I felt really low. Do you even get that feeling everytime you open facebook to just check on people’s post, you suddenly feel sad. You feel they’re bragging about their teaching career, but you are somehow definite too that it’s not on purpose.

But this post anyway is not about that.. I am starting to embrace now that I’m an online teacher. I am starting to clinch on the fact that this kind of career isn’t that bad after all. In fact, I am hitting 2 passions at the same time which are teaching and learning culture.

Lately I have been getting a lot of students, and receiving good feedbacks from them so yeah!!! that’s a good news! Online job just made me feel like I’ve toured around the globe in a day.

I don’t just teach Koreans, or Japanese… I teach students from Vietnam, Cuba, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and guess what Belarus.

To be honest, I have never heard of Belarus my whole life. It’s either I’m stupid or I’m stupid haha or the other way around haha! let me share some perks though aside from the mentioned..

Online Teaching!!


  1. Paying tax

Alright! This thing is a bit optional, but ofcourse I still encourage everyone to pay haha! Talking about reality.. some people don’t.. but hey i said some so yes i still pay mine, but not on time… not really a good role model 😦

2. I totally own my time.

I get to pick my own schedule, and my students booked me. Since I have problem sleeping at night, my schedule is 6pm to 12 midnight and in the morning I get to do the things that need to be done!

3. Learning new culture

It is so amazing to just learn how different human being can be because of culture and tradition, but how close we are knitted together because we’re human and we have the same language of humanity and that’s love..

4. Multilingualism

Okay, it’s a fact that I talk to different people from different country so learning their language is inevitable. What about a futuristic thought? I think it’s okay to assume that 5 years from now if I continue this I can be multilingual!that’ll make me more competitive, and international travelling can be very achievable and fun!

5. Understanding myself

Since, I am usually home and alone I get to have tons of moments with myself. Myself and I paint our nails together, we cook, we eat together, we read together, watch movie and yeah just do most of the things together.. I hope I didn’t sound crazy with that description.. But basically all I want to say is that I was being true to myself. I didn’t have anybody please, and I get to have more realizations everyday.. and I am starting to get to know myself more…and I learn to love SELF more than ever..

You see every job has it’s own perks, and I mine is just what I need right now… so I like to conclude that God works indeed in mysterious ways… a little bit humorous but heck a Humorous God is cool!! don’t you think?


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