Losing my Job

I am allowed to be floppy and miserable. I’m 100% sure that I have a valid excused of being a daily pathetic person. It’s been 2 years that I don’t work anymore as a regular teacher. I’m a part time adult teacher now.

The sweet scent of the kids, the tattletale behavior, the loud laughs and howl, grimaced face.. uhhhh i hated it before, but now i am deeply surely longing for those. =(

I miss teaching kids. I really want to get ahead of myself now. I really miss giving vote for confidence haha! Most of my kids weren’t that intelligent because i worked in the last section but i must say that i have given them skyrocketing confidence which i think is really important.

Right now i’m still looking on the positive side of teaching ESL online. I don’t see any light yet not even at the end of this tunnel, but i a’m quite sure that there’s a great reason why i’m here. I know i need to move forward and onward, i couldn’t stay in that school forever.

I guess i need to stop moping around. Everything should be fine… let’s wait and see..


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