Ama (Dad)

Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad – Anne Geddes

Well I just want to say happy father’s day to all daddies out there especially my dad. I also want to talk about my dad in this article.

I don’t really say this often but I think my dad is the best. There’s no words to describe how incredible he is. But probably I can reckon some of the scenarios that proved how amazing my dad is.

1.) My dad always gives me money =) That for sure is amazing! Isn’t it? Let’s not be fake, but we like it when our dad gives us money for no reason at all. He’s a very generous dad!

2.) My dad is a perfectionist. Okay  let’s not have a negative reaction to the word perfectionist. Let’s not be so allergic about it. The truth is there’s always a good side of it. Just like medicine, it doesn’t taste good but it heals you. As for my dad being perfectionist it probably didn’t heal me at first (cried a lot!), but there was a good result and that’s doing things as perfectly as i can.. i always aim for perfection but when everything fails my dad would always tell me that it’s already my best and that’s perfect! =)

3.) My dad is supportive. When I say supportive that includes lovelife. Well I don’t wanna talk about my lovelife, but my dad told me i can like anyone that i want.. he’s cool with it as long as i’m happy and i’m not hurting anyone then he’s fine.

4.) My dad is a liar! He always tells me that my favorite part of the chicken is the LEG.. and that’s a LIE! He made me believe that it’s my favorite, and I have been refusing for a hundredth time! Guess what, it’s his favorite.. But he always leaves it for me, because he thinks it’s the best part of the chicken =)

5.) My dad is easily irritated. He’s always annoyed. He has problem with his temper. But what I like about him being like this is that I always have the chance to hugged and kissed him. He’s collected when that happens. =)

You see there’s a lot of things that I really wanna share about my dad, I just can’t put them into words now.. This past few days, I realized that my greatest fear is losing my dad.. I can’t help but think about it, because my dad would always say that I need to be more independent, serious, and be more focus because one day he’s gonna leave the earth..

But right now, let’s just be happy and celebrate the greatest gift that we have and that’s our DAD!

To those readers out there who don’t have a physical dad, let me tell you that it’s not about blood, and it’s not about the gender.. Your mom is probably your dad too and that is something that you should be proud of! =) Happy father’s day!


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