Complex writing

Uhm okay writing is quite difficult for me. I am not so sure in what sense does it make difficult. I am probably overwhelmed with the ideas that I have. Words are starting to be more complicated. Maybe I want it to be unique or I want to create impact to everyone.

Grammar is more complex than the basic grammar that I had when I was elementary. There are too much good writers out there and sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough.. Most of the time I think I want to write to impress people. I want to have an output that is very useful to everybody.

There are moments that I want to write something that has to do with metaphorical stuff. I want to use profound ideas and words.. i don’t know… Sometimes I feel writing is a waste of time, energy, laptop’s battery …

This is random writing.. and this is what i have in my thoughts right at this moment…it probably doesn’t make sense to the readers.. doesn’t make sense to me at all..




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